I’m Darlene Mikolasko, an interior designer & interior design consultant.
Welcome to my cozy corner
of the web – where I specialize in coastal fusion – East Coast elegance meets West Coast cool.

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Caught in a Decor Dilemma?

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Tossing endless money into quick fixes and trendy decor trends, only to be left with a home that lacks soul and functionality? You’ve made countless attempts, sacrificing weekends for DIY disasters, and ending up with a space that’s more eye-roll than chic…

 My superpower is my VIP Strategy Consultation. This signature service helps homeowners devise the perfect Interior Design Plan. You’ll be confident your new build, reno, or home decor selections are timeless, on-point, and uniquely you.

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I offer advice on color, furniture, and more.
Let's get your creative juices flowing!

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Let's talk kitchen & baths.
A sound design is timeless
and includes form,
function, and style!

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What's Your Style?

Need a hand in determining what your design style really is? Well, I can help you figure it out.
You can also take this nifty visual quiz from the Designer Society of America. Are you excited to see your results? I know I am! And let’s face it…decorating your home is more enjoyable when
you’re able to narrow down the choices according to your style.

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About D Miko Design

Meet the Designer
Darlene Mikolasko

Oenophile          Mom of 2          organizing junkie

You see my full name – now you know why I named my company D Miko – rolls off the tongue much easier, right?

My goal is to help you make your home beautiful and layer it with your personality. I want you to wake up every morning, look around, and pinch yourself – YES! it’s your amazing house and you’re proud of it.

"Darlene has a natural-born talent for interior design! All she has to do is walk into a room and her creative juices begin to flow. She has a fine eye for detail and her artful finishing touches bring life and beauty to any project that she takes on! She knows exactly what she wants and, more importantly, what is needed to make your dream home wishes come true! She was able to translate my wishes into a truly fabulous bathroom! Thank you, Darlene!"

— A.T. Naples, FL


VIP Strategy Consultation

Whether it’s a new build, reno, or room redesign, I’ll make sure your home radiates timeless coastal charm and your personal style.

This service requires 2 meetings – a preliminary consultation and a final consultation, both of which can be done in person or via Zoom.

As the homeowner, you’ll have some homework before the final consult, but that’s the fun part!

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