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I’ll Help You Navigate
Your Indecision

  • Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Paralyzed by the fear of investing in that much-needed sofa, worried it might be the wrong choice? Stuck in analysis paralysis?
  • You’re not alone—I’ve witnessed this struggle countless times.

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Meet The Design Plan

Think Diagram entitled The Design Plan

The Design Plan will help:

  • save you time
  • save you money
  • get the selections right the 1st time
  • retain your sanity through the process
  • keep you moving forward
  • keep you on budget
  • add value to your home
Pink & orange sunset over palm trees

Imagine the possibilities

You’re on vacation and see a beautiful painting. It would make a great memento of your trip.  With The Design Plan, you’ll know whether or not to buy it.  If it doesn’t fit into your plan head to the jewelry store for that great memento!

Woman with arm loaded with bracelets

"Darlene did a fantastic job transforming my home in Naples into an oasis. If you're looking for somebody who really listens, does a great job, and stays within budget, she's the woman for you!!!"

—G. R., Reston, VA

Our Service Menu

We can work together in several ways depending on the scope of your project.

paint cans filled with different color paints

Color Consultation

Book a 1-hour consultation to work on the interior and/or exterior of your home.  As a True Color Expert™ I’ll help you navigate through the thousands of colors available to design the best color scheme for your space.

Virtual design board showing full living room - sofa, chairs, tables, lamps, art, decorative pillows

Virtual Design

Not local? No problem! We can still make your home beautiful with my Virtual Design service. You’ll enjoy the process of working on your home using my detailed design plan to guide you every step of the way.

Kitchen design elements selections displayed as a flat lay

Designer On Call

Think of this as a-la-carte services:

renovation guidance

reviewing building plans

designing a lighting and electrical plan

material selections for your new build

kitchen and/or bath design

window treatments

selections for furniture,  lighting, accessories, art, etc.

styling & finishing touches

woman crossing street holding briefcase

Design Consultations

2-hour consultation can take place in person or via Zoom. We’ll look around your home; you’ll ask questions, and I’ll supply professional advice.

4-hour VIP intense strategy consultation can take place in person or via Zoom. Our 1st meeting is 2 hours.  Based on our discussion, I’ll create The Design Plan. You’ll collect samples for cabinetry countertops, etc. Our 2nd meeting is 1 hour, and we’ll make the final design decisions together.

Living room staged to sell

Psychological Home Staging

1-2-hour consultation assessing the home’s marketability. I’ll devise a Detailed Staging Plan to help the home sell for the most money in the least amount of time.

I won’t be “decorating” the home, I’ll be marketing it by staging an idealized lifestyle for buyers and appealing to the widest audience possible.