Do you dread wallpaper? I bet it’s not because you think it’s “old fashioned” or out of style or ugly; I bet it’s because you think it’s a giant pain in the butt to remove once you decide to refresh the look of your room.

Am I right?

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In the interior design world, wallpaper has always been IN. Today, we have more choices than ever, and I see winning wallpaper everywhere! All the big wallpaper design houses have gorgeous selections in a myriad of colors, styles, and textures (as do lesser-known brands). You can view a comprehensive list of brands here.

How To Properly Prepare Walls for Wallpaper installation


Your walls should be painted and sized. Sizing is the process of diluting wallpaper paste with water, applying a coat to your wall, and allowing it to dry before hanging your paper. Rustoleum sells a similar product they swear by called Shieldz.

Rust-Oleum Shieldz Wall Size, 1-Gallon
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There is also a pre-pasted wall liner that works with specific wallpapers. If your paper hanger recommends it, then I’d go the extra step to have your paper lined.

Prepasted Wall Liner
$23.26 ($0.42 / Sq Ft)
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I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. For more info, see my Disclaimer page.
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Peel & Stick

Your walls should be wiped down with a damp cloth 24 hours before installation. Many swear by this peel & stick wallpaper helper – it’s supposed to help.

E-Z Hang Peel & Stick Wallpaper Helper
$12.98 ($0.41 / Ounce)
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I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. For more info, see my Disclaimer page.
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Following one of the above installation processes will make your wallpaper easy to remove when the wind of change hits you.

Don’t believe me? Here’s ID Richelle Plett working some magic!

Pretty easy, right?

Wallpaper Design Styles

What’s your style? Check out these wallpapers to see if any resonate with you. I’ve only chosen 1 design per style – I like all of these designs and would recommend them to a client.


bathroom with a blue and white abstract wallpaper and matching roman shade


a home office with tan and white graphic design that forms vertical stripes
©2023 D. Miko Designs, LLC


Entryway with demilune table and large white and gray damask wallpaper

Faux Finish

Loft-style living room with brick wallpaper


Bedroom with matching upholstery twin beds and blue and white floral wallpaper


Home office with red and white geometric chinoiserie wallpaper


Bedroom with crib and wallpaper with a green background and large zebras jumping


Bedroom with 3 built-in full-size beds, floral curtains, and striped wallpaper


Powder room with large-scale watercolor wallpaper


1 wall showing vertical plank wainscoting and wallpaper on top - green background, several palms and an ape eating a banana
@2020 D. Miko Designs, LLC

Marvelous Murals

Murals have become popular in recent years and for good reason – they are a stunning way to decorate a room.

dining room with colorful mural wallpaper depicting life in India above white wainscoting

Gorgeous Grassclothes, etc.

Grasscloth, paperweaves, hemps, and other natural materials are gorgeous ways to add texture to your space.

a styled built-in in a living room
©2019 D. Miko Designs, LLC


A practical solution in damp or wet areas – think bathrooms.

Powder room with tan vinyl wallpaper with white acanthus stripes

Peel & Stick

A great option for the DIY-er.

black windsor bench with peel and stick wallpaper behind - off-white with green leaves

Specialty Papers

Specialty papers are pricey, but oh so spectacular!

When you want to make a true statement …

Gold Metallic on Shetland Horsehair

a corner of a room with black leather chair and gold and black side table place in front of black wallpaper with large gold leaves

Silk 3D

a light teal velvet chair and white console in front of 3-D silk wallpaper in silver featuring twigs

Upholstered Walls

Velvet, leather, brocade, felt, pinstripe – it IS possible to line your walls with fabric. The fabric is backed with paper and sometimes the front is laminated to keep the fabric clean in a high-traffic room. The walls can be padded which makes the room feel extra luxurious with the added bonus of dampening sound.

Dining room with blue and white check upholstered walls and ceiling
Fabric Walls - Source
a living room with gray-blue velvet, padded walls
Velvet Walls - Source
Living room with mocha leather panels on walls and gray chairs
Leather Walls - Source

The Pièce de Résistance

Hand painted wallpaper is considered the gold standard by many; it’s artisan, custom, and luxurious. 

Dining room with white wainscoting and jade green and white handprinted wallpaper in the chinoiserie style

I recently collaborated on a few jobs with my BFF, who is also an ID. Here are some gorgeous wallpaper choices we’ve newly specified for a few of these projects:


A formal powder room – this fuchsia grasscloth will sit above white ribbed wainscoting.

fuchsia hemp grasscloth

A whimsical powder room – these large rabbits are the perfect juxtaposition to a console sink with lucite legs & lucite lighting.

blue and white wallpaper with 3-foot rabbits

A home office – contemporary & feminine with large dot cafe curtains.

Tanzania Wallpaper - white background with hot pink irregular spots all over
Source - this color has since been discontinued

A laundry room – fun touches of blue with deep green cabinetry are a winning combo.

wallpaper - white background and blue variegate dots and wavy dotted lines

A formal dining room – classic furniture, Waterford chandeliers and stunning walls.

wallpaper - gray background with off-white scrolling leaves and flowers

A kitchen – lining the back of the glass cabinets is a beautiful way to add interest to a white kitchen.

white background with blue vines and dogwood leaves

A powder room – the large-scale palm fronds add pizzazz to an oceanfront beach rental.

wallpaper - white background with large blue palm leaves

Anaglypta & Lincrusta

Anaglypta is beautiful, embossed wallpaper similar in weight to standard wallpaper. The designs and textures are varied and can fit into many home styles. This paper comes white, and is meant to be painted.

Anaglypta - Source
Anaglypta - Source

Lincrusta is a gelled linseed and wood flour paste pressed onto a heavy backing paper. It’s solid and heavy – a gorgeous wall treatment. The company Lincrusta makes the “wallpaper,” friezes & borders, and dado panels which are beautiful beneath a chair rail.

Lincrusta - Source
Lincrusta - Source
Lincrusta Wallpaper, Friezes & Borders, Dado Panels
Lincrusta Wallpaper, Friezes & Borders, Dado Panels

While these wall treatments have traditionally been used in historic homes – think Victorian, Edwardian, etc. – modern-day homes have used this beautiful wall covering for myriad design reasons.

A perfect example is a former home of mine built in 2000. I wanted a formal, traditional dining room with built-in corner cabinets and a tin ceiling. Unfortunately, the price for the ceiling was higher than I was willing to pay. Enter Anaglypta; I had it installed and painted. Once the furniture, fabrics & accessories were added, the result was perfect for that home.

Dining room with red striped walls and faux tin ceiling painted white
©2000 Darlene Mikolasko

This dining room screams traditional, but easily could be updated today with new chairs, curtains, lighting, and accessories.

Tin ceilings were invented in the late 1800s as a more affordable and easy-to-install alternative to intricately adorned plaster ceilings, bringing an upscale look to a wider audience.

kitchen with black faux tin ceiling

Traditional Looks

There are many ways to achieve a traditional look with Anaglypta & Lincrusta, including:
Feature wall
Entire room

All installations are a beautiful way to add a vintage element to your home.

stairwell in a Victorian home with Anaglypta wallpaper below the chair rail and a large arched stained glass window
Anaglypta - Source
Stairwell with deep green Lincrusta below chair rail and arched, rectangular, and round stained glass windows
Lincrusta - Source
Tall bedroom with Anaglypta wallpaper behind the bed, stained wood ceiling beams and fuzzy dog
Anaglypta - Source
upholstered bed and a green Georgian-paneled wall
Lincrusta - Source

Contemporary Looks

Is your style more contemporary? No worries, there are more modern styles of Anaglypta & Lincrusta and many trad styles work with contemporary furniture. Mixing modern and vintage gives your room a more collected feel and can be timeless.

Corner vignette with saddle leather chair and modern navy blue Anaglypta wall
Living room with modern white Anaglypta wallpaper, straw trays affixed to the wall, and an olive velvet sofa
powder room with blue Anaglypta wallpaper and white modern floating sink
Anaglypta - Source
Bathroom with brass sconces, stone sinks, wood vanity, mirrors and a deep teal Lincrusta wall.
Lincrusta - Source

For the DIY-er at heart

I recently discovered a unique way to revamp old furniture – using Anaglypta. The result is truly stunning and offers a beautiful blend of vintage and modern styles, adding character to your piece. It’s worth considering if you’re looking for a creative way to breathe new life into your furniture.

A blue chest with Anaglypta on the doors and tall legs with gold ferrules
a bar cabinet with a black Anaglypta wallpaper on the top

A few final notes: I highly recommend hiring a professional to hang your wallpaper. Sure, many lay people have done it and have done a good job, but it’s easy to make mistakes…especially in calculating how many rolls to order. It’s confusing as many manufacturers price for 1 roll but sell in double rolls and some sell by the yard. Depending on the manufacturer the rolls come in different widths and lengths. Then there’s the whole design repeat computation. A repeat can be a quarter drop, half drop, or other. Trust me when I say hiring a professional will save you both money and aggravation in the long run.

Below are some helpful installation secrets for Anaglypta and Lincrusta. As always, I recommend you use a professional for installation, but I want to ensure you’re informed on the steps your installer should take (or you if you’re a DIY-er at heart).

I hope you can use this handy guide to help you in choosing a wallpaper and other wall coverings for your project.

If you’re unsure of finding the perfect winning wallpaper or alternative for your home, book a Discovery Call with me… I’d love to help you make your home beautiful.

Keep Dancing, Darlene

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