Hello, design enthusiasts! If you dream of a kitchen that combines sleek design with peak functionality, sit back, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let me guide you through the magic of kitchen islands with built-in sinks. 
As an interior designer, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting some pretty fab kitchens. 

a ledge sink with slices of pear on a cutting board and dishes drying on a build-tin rack

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Today, I explain why your next remodel or new build should include this fabulous feature.

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A Hub of Activity

In a spacious kitchen, your island is a central hub for meal prep, offering everything you need within arm’s reach. A kitchen island with a sink turns this area into a multi-functional workspace where cooking and cleaning go hand in hand effortlessly. This design is about making your kitchen work smarter for you.

A Personal Touch from My Own Home

Let me bring you into my world with a peek at my kitchen, where design meets daily living. Nestled in my sunny Florida home, my kitchen island is a stylish centerpiece thoughtfully designed for maximum function. Our workstation sink is cleverly integrated into the heart of our family’s daily activities.

Styled white kitchen with floating teak shelves
My Kitchen ©2019 D. Miko Designs, LLC

Crafted for Comfort and Style

My island stretches a comfortable 12.5 feet, and while it’s a space to prepare meals, it’s also a living part of our home. It houses a magnificent Kraus 42″ workstation sink, which I absolutely adore for its depth and versatility. 

This isn’t just any old sink; it’s a workstation with accessories where we wash, chop, and prepare food, feed our grandchildren, and entertain guests, all while enjoying the view of our bustling household and the serene outdoors. (Your view could be your garden window).

a front view of my kitchen island showing the sink

Functionality at Its Finest

This island doesn’t hold back on its features. With a dishwasher, trash compartment, and microwave drawer, it’s engineered to tackle all tasks effortlessly.

It has ample storage and a charming bookcase under its quartzite countertop—perfect for keeping my favorite cookbooks and recipes at hand. And let’s not forget the pull-out storage, a lifesaver for keeping essentials tucked away yet accessible.

another view of my kitchen island looking towards the refrigerator wall

Take a look at the kitchen before I got my designer hands on it.

my outdated kitchen before I got my designer hands on it
My Kitchen Before

Seamless Integration with Lifestyle

From morning breakfasts to feeding grandchildren to entertaining friends, this island is where we gather to share stories. The sink placement ensures that I’m always in the conversation, whether preparing a meal or just rinsing off some fruit.

This kitchen island is my slice of paradise where functionality meets family life—the heart of my home.

Featured Design: The Workhorse Island

Take, for instance, another kitchen I designed (featured below). This island stretches a majestic 14.5 feet and houses the following: a sink, a trash unit, recycling bins, a dishwasher, a microwave drawer, a warming drawer, an ice machine, and ample drawer space. It’s the epitome of functionality wrapped in gorgeousness.

view of kitchen showing wall with refrigerator and pantry cabinetry

Versatility at Its Core

At the heart of this kitchen island is a large, integrated sink strategically placed to enhance workflow and interaction. Surrounding the sink, you’ll find a meticulously organized trash unit and separate recycling bins, promoting eco-friendly habits while keeping the space uncluttered. 

This setup allows the chef of the house to prep, cook, and clean with unparalleled ease, maintaining a clean and inviting environment throughout meal preparation.

Advanced Kitchen Technology

The island also boasts an array of high-tech appliances that are ingeniously incorporated to maximize space and functionality. A sleek, modern microwave drawer offers convenience without sacrificing style, sitting flush with the island’s lines. 

Next to it, a warming drawer ensures that meals remain at the perfect temperature, ready to serve at a moment’s notice. An ice machine is nestled within the island for added luxury, which is ideal for entertaining or enjoying chilled beverages anytime.

chef's kitchen with a stove cove, italian tile backsplash, black stone counters and an opened bottle of wine with 2 glasses

Ample Storage Solutions

One of the island’s standout features is its abundance of drawer space, designed with both accessibility and aesthetics in mind. Each drawer is crafted to hold specific kitchen tools and essentials, reducing clutter and enhancing efficiency. 

The thoughtful placement of each drawer ensures that everything you need is right at your fingertips, making cooking and cleaning an absolute pleasure.

Elegant Finishing Touches

Beyond its functionality, the island exudes elegance with its choice of materials and design details. The smooth, clean lines of the shaker cabinetry are complemented by the natural beauty of the honed, leathered granite countertop, which is durable and adds a touch of luxury to the space with its silver flecks.

The overall design harmonizes with the aesthetic of the entire kitchen, creating a focal point that is both beautiful and practical.

This kitchen island truly embodies the concept of “the workhorse.” It’s designed not only to meet the daily demands of kitchen chores but to exceed them, providing a centerpiece that is both a functional tool and a piece of art. This kitchen is equipped for cooking and beautiful living.

Contemporary kitchen with timeless design - wood-stained island with a sink and creamy cabinetry

The Sunshine State of Kitchen Functionality

Can you imagine a kitchen where style and sunshine meet practicality? That’s the magic of a kitchen island with a sink! Here’s why it’s the upgrade your culinary space deserves:


You can prep veggies for a fresh salad, rinse those juicy mangoes, and mix up a pitcher of refreshing iced tea without taking a single step. It’s like having a sous chef at your island, making those busy evenings a breeze!

Space Saver

Say farewell to juggling cutting boards and mixing bowls on cramped countertops! With a sink in your island, you free up prime real estate along your kitchen walls for appliances, decor, or spreading out that epic baking project.

Social Hub

An island sink keeps you connected to the action, from weekend brunches to after-school snack time. Catch up with friends over a glass of wine while prepping appetizers, or help the kids with homework while rinsing veggies – the possibilities are endless!

Cleanup with a View

Why face a wall when you could be soaking up some Florida sunshine? An island sink transforms dish duty into a moment to watch the birds or enjoy the vibrant colors of your garden.

Let’s make your kitchen a space where both form and function shine!

Remember: Adapt to Your Style

Whether your taste is modern chic or rustic charm, there’s a kitchen island with a sink that can completely transform your space. For a more contemporary approach, you might consider clean lines and minimalist design, like some of the inspiring examples from top interior design profiles on Instagram:

Chic Simplicity

a beautiful custom walnut island with a sink and unlacquered brass fixtures

@ruemagazine knows how to make a statement! Their featured sleek island with a built-in sink is a masterclass in modern elegance. Imagine the clean lines of a minimalist sink perfectly integrated into a smooth, seamless countertop. 

Now, picture that against a backdrop of geometric tiles – a touch of playful sophistication elevates the whole space. This is where luxury meets effortless practicality, resulting in a kitchen that exudes style and smart design.

A Riff Off Modern Farmhouse Vibes

a white and marble kitchen with lots of light from 2 large skylights above the sink

If your dream kitchen is all about warmth and timeless charm, take a cue from @styletheclutter! Their stunning design showcases a spacious layout bathed in natural light – the perfect canvas for a statement-making kitchen island with a sink.

Imagine the rustic beauty of a farmhouse sink nestled within a weathered wood island or a sleek apron-front sink set against a backdrop of gleaming white shiplap. It’s a captivating blend of classic comfort and modern convenience – the heart of the home reimagined.

Sleek and Sophisticated

an all-white kitchen - reeded island with sink, white cabinetry, white walls, and white lights

@thewhiteshome_ understands the power of refined simplicity. Their island is a testament to the idea that less can be more. Imagine a gleaming, minimalist island – perhaps a pristine white quartz countertop paired with clean-lined cabinetry. 

A seamlessly integrated sink adds a touch of understated functionality, blending beautifully into the overall design. This kitchen exudes effortless sophistication, where every element feels intentional and perfectly balanced.

Classic Elegance

Farmhouse style kitchen with sage cabinetry and an island with a sink

@home_sweet_morris_home proves that classic style and modern living can coexist beautifully. Their London kitchen features a stunning island that radiates warmth and timeless elegance. Think rich wood tones, a butcher block countertop, and a traditional sink style like a Belfast or apron-front. 
Yet, nestled within this inviting design are all the conveniences of today’s kitchen—hidden storage solutions, a sleek faucet, and thoughtful placement for efficient workflow. It’s an enduring design that serves a modern family with grace.
Each of these profiles offers a glimpse into how versatile and vital a kitchen island with a sink can be to your daily life.

Choosing Your Dream Island: What to Look For

Ready to leap and bring the magic of a kitchen island with a sink into your home? Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

Size Matters

Look at your kitchen’s footprint before falling head over heels for a Pinterest-worthy island. To ensure beauty and functionality, carefully measure the available space to determine the ideal island size for your home.

The Rule of Thumb

Aim for at least 36-48 inches of clearance on all sides of your island. This ensures ample room for walkways, opening appliance doors, and comfortable movement – crucial for those lively dinner parties!

Go Big or Go Home?

While a spacious island is fabulous, don’t sacrifice functionality for size. A smaller, well-designed island may be a better fit than a cramped, oversized one. (In my 12.5′ island, my sink is 45″.)

Visualize the Flow

Use painter’s tape or cardboard to outline the potential island on your kitchen floor. This will give you a better sense of how it will impact the overall space and traffic patterns.

green and marble kitchen with a long island with sink

Sink Style

The sink you choose will play a significant role in defining your island’s character! With so many options, take a moment to envision the overall vibe you desire:

Farmhouse Charm

Deep, apron-front sinks evoke a sense of warmth and tradition. They’re perfect for kitchens with rustic touches, exposed beams, or a cozy cottage feel.

Sleek Undermount

Undermount sinks are sleek and streamlined, creating a seamless look with the countertop. Choose this sink for a clean, contemporary aesthetic that puts your countertop material in the spotlight.

The Fab Workstation

These integrated sink systems often include cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks – perfect for the avid chef who wants maximum functionality at their fingertips. For serious cooks, this is by far my favorite. Find them here, here, here, and here (this is mine).

Beyond the Basics

Do you love a bit of bling? Copper sinks make a bold statement, and concrete offers an industrial edge. Don’t be afraid to express your style!

PRO TIP: Consider the material of your existing sink and fixtures. Aim for a cohesive look – a sleek stainless steel sink pairs beautifully with modern chrome finishes. In contrast, a copper farmhouse sink complements warm brass hardware.

a kitchen island with warm wood base and thick marble countertop

Countertop Choices

Your island’s countertop is more than just a workspace – it’s a major style statement! Here’s a closer look at some popular options:

Natural Stone: The Classic Choice

Granite, marble, quartzite, dolomite, soapstone, etc. –  a timeless investment, loved for  natural beauty and unique patterns. These stones are heat-resistant and relatively durable; just seal them regularly.

Quartz: The Maintenance-Free Option

Quartz is engineered for strength and resists stains, scratches, and bacteria. It offers a wide range of colors and styles, mimicking everything from marble to concrete.

Butcher Block: Warmth and Character

Wood countertops add instant warmth and can be surprisingly forgiving for busy kitchens. Choose a durable hardwood and keep it well-oiled to protect its beauty.

Sleek and Modern: Stainless Steel

Used in commercial kitchens, stainless steel is hygienic and easy to clean, perfect for a contemporary or industrial-inspired kitchen. However, it can show scratches.

Dare to be Different

From poured concrete to colorful recycled glass, there’s a countertop material to suit every taste! Embrace the opportunity to express your personality.

Important Factors:


Countertop materials vary significantly in price. Set a budget and research options that fall within your range.


How much upkeep are you willing to do? Some materials are virtually worry-free, while others require more careful attention to keep them looking their best.

a white oak and black kitchen with black island with sink

Storage Solutions

Will you need drawers, cabinets, open shelves, or a combination? Consider what you’ll be storing in your island and design accordingly. Extra points for features like built-in trash/recycling, appliance drawers, and hidden power outlets! Let’s explore some clever options:

Dedicated Drawers

Perfect for organizing utensils, dish towels, spices, and those smaller gadgets that always seem to need to be noticed. Opt for a mix of deep and shallow drawers to accommodate various items. Drawers tend to be preferred in European kitchens.

Spacious Cabinets

Ideal for storing pots, pans, appliances, and bulkier kitchen essentials. Consider pull-out shelves within cabinets for easy access to items stored in the back.

Open Shelving: A Touch of Display

They’re not for farmhouse kitchens only. Utilize open shelves to showcase cookbooks, decorative bowls, or even your favorite plants. This adds a touch of personality while providing functional storage.

Creative Combos

Feel free to mix and match! Combine drawers, cabinets, and open shelving to create a highly functional, visually interesting storage system.

a white kitchen with wood island and marble countertop with sink

Bonus Features that Pack a Punch:

Hidden Trash & Recycling

Keep unsightly bins out of view with dedicated pull-out compartments within your island.

Appliance Garages

Tuck away microwaves, toasters, or stand mixers behind sleek roll-up doors to maintain a clean, streamlined look.

Power Up

Incorporate hidden electrical outlets into your island for charging phones, powering countertop appliances, or even adding task lighting.     

PRO TIP: Before designing your island’s storage, inventory the items you plan to house within it. This will ensure you have the right mix of drawers, shelves, and specialized features.

BONUS TIP: If you’re short on space, consider a smaller prep sink on your island. This will still give you extra washing functionality without sacrificing all your countertop real estate.

blue backsplash and island with sink in a beachhouse

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