Master Your Design With My VIP Strategy Consultation

Your Unique Design Journey in Just 2 Meetings

Are you drowning in a sea of design options, feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start? I get it – creating a home that’s both stylish and uniquely you can be a wild ride. But fear not, because I’ve crafted the perfect solution just for you!

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Why My VIP Strategy Consultation Rocks:





Tailored to You: Two power-packed meetings, either face-to-face or virtual – your choice! I keep it flexible because your comfort is key.

The Design Plan Magic: After our first chat, I’ll weave my design sorcery to create The Design Plan. This roadmap ensures your project is not just beautiful but also uniquely YOU.

No Rush, No Fuss: Take up to 60 days to gather your curated samples. I’ll guide you step by step, making the process a breeze.

Final Selections with Flair: Our second consultation is where the magic happens. Together, we’ll choose the final selections that scream “YOU” in every detail.

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Who It's For

  • Dream home builders
  • Renovation enthusiasts (DIY warriors included!)
  • Anyone craving a room refresh
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Say Goodbye to Design Chaos - Embrace the Darlene Difference:



Too many options?

I turn design chaos into an effortless, enjoyable experience.

Save $$$ in the long run!

My designs are timeless.

     No need for pricey updates every few years because             I future-proof your style.

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What Others Say:

I highly recommend Darlene Mikolasko! She transformed my Pilates studio into a stunning space.
Fun, easy to work with, and a design genius

– Donna scott, owner  Ascendance – Pilates, Barre, & Yoga

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