Do you need a color intervention? A color transformation? Think of this blog post as your backstage pass into the behind-the-scenes magic of a True Color Expert™. I’m spilling the beans on how a color consultation can take a home from “meh” to “wow.” Choosing the correct colors for your home will feel as comfy as your favorite weekend loungewear.

paint rollers paint vibrant colors on a white background for a color transformation

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Beyond Walls: Crafting a Cohesive Color Palette for Your Home's Color Transformation

When it comes to revamping your space, it’s not just about slapping a new coat of paint on the walls. A genuinely impactful home color transformation considers the interplay of colors on walls, fabrics, and hard finishes. Let’s delve into the realm where color consultation goes beyond paint, creating a seamless connection between fixed elements, furniture, and accessories.

It's Time for a Color Intervention: Recognizing the Signs

Dirty handprints, chipped corners, and outdated wall colors – these are the red flags signaling the need for a color intervention

Chipped Walls in need of a color transformation
Dirty walls in need of a color transformation

Some reasons that may be holding you back:
*fear of the mess;
*the expense of hiring paint professionals;
*the overwhelming array of gray, white, or beige shades.

The wrong paint color can leave your interior feeling disconnected and unpleasant, and you need help pinpointing why the space looks wrong. When the paint color is correct, it’s the perfect, subtle background that goes unnoticed – precisely what you want.

Invest Wisely: The True Cost of Choosing the Wrong Paint Color

While paint may seem like a budget-friendly option, the repercussions of a misguided choice can be costly. Painting tall walls and ceilings or the exterior of your home demands professional expertise. A one-hour paint consultation with a certified True Color Expert™ is a worthwhile investment. It’s not just about finding the right color for your home’s color transformation; it’s about preventing the expense and hassle of redoing it. Every paint color has an undertone. At your consultation, I’ll identify the necessary undertones in your home.


Below are examples of mismatched undertones.  Something feels off in each. Mismatched undertones are a disarray of colors that disrupts the harmony of the space. It’s most common in kitchens and bathrooms – the areas of the home with hard finishes that dominate the color scheme. Most people, untrained in the art of color recognition, might not immediately realize why the undertones clash, leading to a lack of cohesiveness in the room. But trust me, these examples all desperately need a color transformation.

This is where my expertise shines

Armed with my large paint color boards, I arrive at consultations ready to decode the language of undertones. It took time for me to practice seeing these undertones, but now, I can’t unsee them when they clash. Most clients, untrained in this nuanced skill, may need help to grasp why a color selection works or what it achieves in the space. However, by the end of our consultation, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the art of color harmony. I’ll explain exactly why the color(s) I selected are the correct choices in your home.

kitchen with pink beige floors, stark white cabinetry, black granite countertops, and gray walls
Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Before

This kitchen is ready for a color transformation.

The rundown:
Floors: pink beige (warm)
Counters: black granite – Asterix (neutral)
Backsplash: purple-gray (warm)
Walls: blue-gray (cool)
Cabinetry: stark white 

It doesn’t work. I reworked this kitchen to coordinate with the warm tones and it works better.  

1st kitchen example redone with a color transformation
Color changed with Sherwin Williams ColorSnap
Pink beige tile floor, orange beige counters, white cabinetry and gray walls. A kitchen needing a color transformation.

As of this writing this home is on the market. I can tell 1 of 2 scenarios has taken place here:
A. the homeowner wanted the house to feel updated so painted it gray; or
B. the realtor recommended painting the house before it hit the market and recommended gray because it’s a good neutral.

The rundown:
Floors: pink-beige (warm)
Counters: orange-beige (warm)
Walls: blue-gray (cool)
Cabinetry: blue-white (cool)

I reworked the wall and cabinetry colors to warm them up and now the kitchen feels more cohesive. 

2nd kitchen redone with a color transformation
Color changed with Sherwin Williams ColorSnap
a home exterior painted terracotta-brown with charcoal shutters, garage doors, and front door. It desperately needs a color transformation.

The charcoal color doesn’t belong anywhere on this house. Yes, the color black is trending, but we must be judicious on placement. Plus, this house is in Miami – land of sunshine and happiness.  This house is painted a sad color so I gave it a color transformation. I’d also take it one step further and use a rubberized outdoor paint to paint the brick driveway. I’ve done it several times and it always looks nice.

home exterior underwent a color transformation with green paint and bronze shutters, garage doors, and front.
Color changed with Sherwin Williams ColorSnap

Ready to Transform Your Space?

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In the hands of a certified True Color Expert™, your home’s color transformation is not just a change of paint; it’s a curated experience. Book your consultation now, and let’s embark on a journey to redefine your space with confidence and style. 

Keep Dancing, Darlene