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Photo of a storefront with a pink awning and green door - it's my chic shop

Samplize Paint Color Palettes

Welcome to a colorful world! Your home is your personal canvas where memories are made, and dreams come to life. I understand the power of paint in shaping the ambiance of your space, which is why I’m thrilled to offer you curated collections to elevate your surroundings.

Here’s why I adore Samplize samples:

Convenience: Say goodbye to messy paint cans and brushes! These peel-and-stick samples make testing colors a snap.

Accuracy: Experience true-to-life color representation with our high-quality samples, ensuring your chosen pastel shade looks just as dreamy on your walls as it does in the sample.

Inspiration: Let your creativity run wild as you experiment with different hues and combinations. Each collection is designed to spark your imagination and help you create a space that reflects your unique style and personality.

pink Enchantment collection

photo collage of pink rooms, balloons, houses, etc.

Please don’t shy away from pink; it makes a gorgeous design statement. From the soft allure of dusty pink to the vibrant energy of bold tones, pink offers endless possibilities to infuse your home with charm and personality. Let pink lead the way as you transform your space with warmth and style.

Pastel Collection

rowhouses, a popsicle, sunnies, & macarons in pastel colors

Exquisite pastel colors – a world of soft hues and delicate tones. Whether you’re dreaming of a serene nursery, a cozy living room, or a charming kitchen, this pastel collection delivers the perfect palette for your dreams to come to life. Get ready to paint your world with a touch of magic and a splash of personality!