You’ve just spent a glorious day on the beach, sand is in your hair (and every crevice, let’s be real!), and your towels are soaked. If you’re constantly battling the beach-to-home mess, it’s time to seriously consider a mudroom.

a striped beach towel and straw hat on the beach sand facing ocean

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This perfectly planned spot is your saving grace—a place to ditch the beach chaos before it enters your living room. Think of it as your home’s first line of defense, and as a Florida-based interior designer, I’m here to ensure yours is ready for battle. 

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No More Sandy Floors! Mudroom Storage Ideas for Beach Gear

All beachgoers know sand gets everywhere. We love the beach but don’t love finding it sprinkled across the kitchen tiles days later. A well-thought-out mudroom is your key to keeping those floors pristine. Here’s how we tackle beach gear storage and put an end to sandy chaos:

A Tip on Mudroom Storage Ideas

Before tackling storage, analyze how your family uses the space. Do you immediately dump sandy towels or shoes? Observe the flow to figure out what storage solutions will work best. Get creative and focus on solutions that match the way you actually live!

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

They’re your beachy best friend. Big, woven baskets are perfect for tossing in towels, sandy toys, and damp coverups. Label them if you’re feeling extra organized (kids, adults, Fido’s beach gear…you get the idea).

Wall Hooks for the Win

Hooks are lifesavers for wetsuits, beach bags, coverups—anything that shouldn’t be crumpled in a basket! Plus, things hanging up tend to dry faster.

mudroom with bright green bench, cubbies, and hooks

Shoe Storage That Works

This is where things get tricky. I prefer open cubbies or slatted shelves so sand can fall through instead of pooling up and making a mess. If you’ve got a bigger space, a dedicated “shoe wash” station is awesome!

Floating Shelves

Perfect for smaller items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and the inevitable pile of seashells the kids bring home. Keep these shelves higher up, away from the sand zone! Consider adding small baskets or bins to the shelves for even more organized storage.

Mesh Bags

Hang a few of these bad boys near the door. Great for goggles, pool noodles, inflatable toys—anything wet and sandy that needs to dry out quickly. Choose bright colors for easy visibility and a fun pop!

Sports Gear Storage

If you’ve got surfboards, boogie boards, or fishing gear, you’ll want designated wall racks or ceiling mounts to keep them organized and out of the way. This frees up precious floor space in your mudroom. Look for racks with padded arms to protect your boards from dings and scratches.

mudroom with built-in bench, furniture bench in the middle of the room and a wall of cubbies and cabinetry

Build It Yourself: A Simple But Stylish Mudroom Makeover

Alright, my DIY-ers, want to take on that mudroom mess but on a budget? I’m here for it! Need some fresh mudroom ideas? Don’t be scared; with a bit of planning and elbow grease, you can transform a chaotic entryway into a beach-chic organized haven. Here’s a simple plan to get you going:

Step 1: Assess the Mess

What’s working in your current space (if anything!), and what’s driving you nuts? Be brutally honest about how your family actually uses this area.  

Step 2: Sketch It Out

No need for fancy design software! A simple floor plan sketch is fine. Where could baskets go? Can you squeeze in a bench? Play around with different mudroom ideas on paper before breaking out the tools.

Step 3: Source Your Supplies

Think outside the big box stores! I love hitting second-hand furniture shops or scouring Facebook Marketplace for a budget-friendly mudroom makeover. Repurposed bookshelves or dressers can become excellent storage units with a fresh coat of paint.

Step 4: Demo and Build Time!

If you’re removing shelving or adding anything built-in, this is where the real work (and fun!) begins. Take your time, measure twice, and cut once. 

Here’s a mudroom I designed for a lucky young couple who live across the street from the beach. I came into this project after the house was already under construction. The floor plan had this small closet that was supposed to house the AC unitbut it ended up in the attic.

Since this house is directly across the street from the beach and this closet was just as you enter from the garage, I recommended the client use it as a mudroom.

My design considered space for beach towels, flip flops, beach toys, etc.

How to Nail That Laid-Back Vibe in Your Mudroom

Beachgoers love the relaxed feel of the beach, so why not carry it through into our homes? A mudroom doesn’t need to be stuffy or formal. Let’s create a super functional space that oozes coastal cool. Here are some beachy mudroom ideas:

Color Me Coastal

Think soft blues, sandy neutrals, and weathered wood tones for your paint palette. If you’re bolder, consider turquoise or coral for a playful vibe. Walls are your canvas—a textured wallpaper with a subtle beachy pattern can be stunning.

corner of mudroom with blue fish wallpaper, built-in bench, and large windows

Natural Textures

Embrace woven baskets, chunky jute rugs, and maybe even a bit of sisal or seagrass. These textures instantly bring a beachy warmth and perfectly complement raw wood or whitewashed furniture for that relaxed, unfussy look.

Let the Light In

If possible, flood your mudroom with natural light. A skylight or big window adds an airy, beachside feel. Light fixtures also play a role! Think woven rattan pendants or fixtures with a nautical touch for extra coastal charm.

corner of mudroom - one wall has bench and large windows and door to exterior, another wall has 3 locker-style cabinets

Find light fixture here.

Decor with a Splash

A few well-chosen pieces make all the difference, but don’t go overboard. Artwork inspired by the ocean, a vintage oar, or a glass jar filled with shells adds a touch of personality. Plus, living greenery brings life! Choose plants that love a bit of humidity if your mudroom gets steamy from wet towels.  

More Coastal Mudroom Ideas

  • Repurpose driftwood as unique hooks or a statement shelf.
  • Hang a weathered “life preserver” as playful wall art.
  • Tuck a few starfish or sand dollars into unexpected spots for a touch of whimsy. 
  • Swap out plain door handles for ones made of rope or seashells.
  • Consider a small bench upholstered in a beach-stripe pattern for a classic touch.

PRO TIP: For a sophisticated space, use only 1 or 2 of these decor ideas; otherwise, your mudroom will look kitschy.

Mudroom Organization to Save Your Sanity

“Mom, where are my flip-flops?”

Getting out the door with kids (especially after a beach day!) can be an Olympic-level challenge. That mudroom can become a meltdown zone between missing shoes and forgotten sunscreen. I’m here to help you ditch the chaos and reclaim your sanity with smart mudroom organization!

mudroom with shiplap walls, gray and white diamond floor, built-in benches and open cabinetry with hooks

The "Kid Zone"

Assign each kid a designated basket or cubby for their beach stuff – label them clearly to avoid mix-ups! Lower storage means they can help themselves, fostering independence. 

Keep these baskets easily accessible so kids can grab their gear and toss things back in without a fuss. Bonus points if you choose baskets in bright colors or fun patterns so kids get excited about using them!

Hang it Up

Dedicate a wall section to hooks for those frequently lost items: hats, sunglasses, goggles, etc. A fun color or personalized labels will help kids to remember where things go.

Hanging these items up gets them off the floor, lets them dry out faster for the next beach adventure, and creates a clear visual reminder of what must be packed for the next outing.

Contain the Shoe Madness

We all know the pile of mismatched shoes by the door…ugh! Opt for open shelving so sand can fall through and things are visually easy to find. If you have the space, a simple shoe rack with dividers helps keep pairs together and avoids that frantic morning shoe scramble.

Consider keeping a small broom or dustpan nearby to quickly sweep away the sand buildup under shoe storage.

Bench for the Win

If space allows, even a small bench can save the day. A spot to perch for lacing up shoes beats the daily balancing act! A bench can also double as extra storage—look for one with a hinged seat and space inside for less frequently used items.

Adding a comfy cushion to the bench makes it an inviting spot. It encourages kids to sit for a moment, which can help minimize the stress of getting ready. 

mudroom wall with built-in bench, floating shelf, hooks, and beach towels, etc.

Not All Mudrooms are Mammoth: Clever Storage for Smaller Beach Homes

I realize many of us don’t have giant homes to house all our sandy gear. But don’t despair! If you’re looking for creative mudroom ideas to maximize your smaller space, I’ve got you covered. You can create a super-functional mudroom with ingenuity in even the tightest spaces. 

Here’s how to outsmart the lack of square footage:

Think Vertical

When floor space is at a premium, go up! Tall, narrow shelving units maximize height and provide tons of storage potential. Wall-mounted baskets, floating shelves, and plenty of hooks utilize unused vertical space and keep beach gear neatly organized. 

Dual-Purpose is Your Friend

Choose furniture that works extra hard in a limited space. A storage bench with space underneath is genius, providing a place to sit and stash away bulkier items. An entryway table with drawers or cubbies hides clutter in style while offering a landing spot for keys and sunglasses. 

The Door is Not Dead Space

Forget the junk drawer—use the inside of cabinet or closet doors! Over-the-door organizers can hold sunscreen, bug spray, smaller beach toys, or other essentials. Consider what you use frequently and ensure these items are easily accessible with this clever storage solution.

corner of a mudroom with herringbone brick flooring, built-in bench and white locker-style cabinetry

Embrace the Fold-Down

If you need more wall space, consider a fold-down bench or drying rack that neatly tucks away when not in use. These space-saving solutions are perfect for smaller mudrooms and disappear when you need extra floor space.

Get Creative with Corners

Often overlooked, corners can be storage gold! A corner shelf unit or a few stylish baskets can hold a surprising amount of beach gear. Consider adding hooks or hanging a net in the corner to maximize this often-wasted space.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Repurpose everyday items for unexpected mudroom storage solutions. A decorative umbrella stand by the door is perfect for storing wet umbrellas and pool noodles. A vintage suitcase becomes a quirky place to stash beach hats or sunscreen. Get creative and think outside the box!

PRO TIP: Regularly declutter! Beach toys come and go, so a quick purge keeps mudroom chaos at bay, even in smaller spaces. Set aside time every few months to go through your beach gear and eliminate anything broken, unused, or outgrown. This is key to keeping your mudroom functional. 

inside back wall of mudroom with hooks and bench on left and cabinetry on right

My Mudroom Must-Haves

I’ve seen the post-beach chaos: Sandy kids, damp towels, forgotten sunscreen. It ain’t pretty. But a well-designed mudroom can save your sanity!

After years of testing (and some epic fails, let’s be honest!), here’s my shortlist of essentials for keeping things organized:

Big, Bold Baskets: My Lifesavers!

These are my go-to for corralling all the beach gear. We’re talking piles of towels, sandy toys, goggles, and those inflatable pool floats the kids insist on. Add a “lost and found” basket for the inevitable single flip-flop or forgotten water bottle.

A Shoe Solution that Works: Because Sand Does NOT Belong in My House!

My motto is: If I can see the sand, it’ll end up in my living room. Slatted shelves are my secret weapon—the sand falls right through. You can color-code the shelves so each kid knows exactly where their shoes go—it cuts down on the morning scramble!

Wall Hooks Galore: For Hang-it-and-forget-it Organization!

Wetsuits, beach bags, coverups, hats—you name it—get hung up to dry on the many hooks. Personalizing hooks with each family member’s name adds a touch of fun and helps with those “it’s not mine!” arguments.

Wipe-Clean Surfaces: For When Things Get a Little...Messy.

Let’s face it—our mudrooms sometimes resemble a science experiment gone wrong—sunscreen spills, damp towels, and the occasional rogue seashell. That’s why I swear by washable countertops and flooring. At the end of the day, a quick spritz and wipe keeps things looking their best (or at least passable!).  

one wall of a mudroom with a bench, hooks, and baskets for sports equipment and other storage

A Spot to Sit: Because My Feet Need a Break, Too!

Whether it’s a bench, a comfy chair, or even a stack of sturdy baskets, a place to perch while wrangling footwear is non-negotiable. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to catch my breath after wrestling a sandy kid out of a wetsuit.

Outdoor Rinse Station: My ultimate sandbuster!

If you’ve got the space, this is a must! A simple hose or shower head by the mudroom door lets you blast away the sand before it sets foot inside. Trust me, it’s a sanity saver.

Hidden Drying Rack: For Drip-Free Days.

A fold-out or retractable drying rack is perfect for those damp suits and towels. Tuck it away when not in use, and I can pretend the mudroom isn’t doubling as a laundromat. 

Humor and Patience: Some Days are Just THAT Kind of Beach Day. 

You can’t buy these, but they’re all critical mudroom supplies! Sometimes, you have to laugh at the chaos, take a deep breath, and remember—the beach days are worth the sandy aftermath. 

mudroom with shiplap and deep blue walls, built-in bench with cushion, large window with roman shade, cabinetry, and wall hooks

Don't Forget the Walls! Durable Finishes for Wet Towels and Sandy Feet

Mudroom walls get a serious workout, especially in beach homes. We need surfaces that handle daily wear and tear, from wet towels dripping saltwater to those unavoidable sandy handprints. Here’s my breakdown of the best options:


For a good reason, ceramic or porcelain tile is the undisputed champion of mudroom walls. It’s waterproof, stain-resistant, and straightforward to clean. Plus, the vast range of colors, styles, and textures lets you customize the look – think playful mosaics, subway tile classics, or tiles mimicking natural stone.


This isn’t just for farmhouse kitchens anymore! Shiplap adds a cozy, coastal vibe and can be surprisingly durable. Look for pre-primed or vinyl versions designed to handle moisture, or opt for a durable composite material that won’t warp or rot. 


This classic choice offers a slightly more traditional feel and evokes a charming seaside cottage aesthetic. Like shiplap, choose a pre-primed, painted, or vinyl-coated beadboard for your mudroom to ensure it stands up to the elements.

Wainscoting, but with a Twist

Want a touch of elegance? Wainscoting with tough tile on the bottom half and paint or wallpaper on top is stylish and practical. Consider using a scrubbable vinyl wallpaper for the upper portion for added durability and easy cleaning.

Whatever wall finish you choose, always opt for washable paint in at least a semi-gloss finish for maximum cleaning power. And don’t be afraid to get creative with color! A cheerful blue or a fun green can instantly brighten your mudroom.

mudroom with medium blue cabinetry, built-in bench, and herringbone floor

Mudroom Flooring

The perfect mudroom floor handles sand, spills, and foot traffic like a champ. Let’s break down the contenders, along with some unexpected choices:

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

Tile reigns supreme for its durability and endless design options. Choose colors and patterns that hide sand well, or opt for faux-wood finishes if you crave a warmer look. Textured tiles add slip resistance, which is vital in a mudroom.


Slate, travertine, and limestone bring an earthy elegance, but they can be pricier. Be sure to choose a honed or textured finish for slip resistance and seal it properly to protect against stains and water damage.

Surprising Contenders

Think outside the box for budget-friendly and unique options! Luxury vinyl offers excellent durability and comes in realistic wood, stone, or patterned looks. Sealed concrete creates a cool, industrial vibe. At the same time, rubber flooring (think gym mats, but seriously chic!) is soft underfoot and incredibly resilient.

PRO TIP: No matter what flooring you choose, adding a textured rug or runner will help trap sand, protect your floor from scratches, and add a pop of personality. Choose an outdoor rug material or one that’s easily washable for the best results.

Ready to ditch that sandy, cluttered entryway and create the perfect beach house mudroom? With some planning and the right mudroom ideas, you can conquer the chaos and make coming home from the beach a breeze. Remember, it’s all about keeping things streamlined, durable, and reflecting your coastal style. 

Need a hand transforming your mudroom dreams into reality? Let’s chat! I’d love to help you design a mudroom that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

Keep Dancing, Darlene