Hey there, fabulous foodies! We’re diving headfirst into the Fall Harvest season with a collection of recipes that’ll leave you swooning. From smoky sips to sweet treats, we’ve got it all. So, let’s get busy in the kitchen and make this season’s gatherings unforgettable!

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The Cocktail

This smoky harvest apple cider margarita is like autumn in a glass. It’s so good; you’ll wish you had a never-ending supply. Tieghan from Half-Baked Harvest doesn’t mess around when it comes to cocktails. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you. 

a tray glasses rimmed with sugar holding apple-cider margaritas with apple slices, rosemary, and a smoking cinnamon stick inside glass and apples in the background
Half-Baked Harvest - get the recipe

The Mocktail

For those looking for a booze-free option, Nat from The Mindful Mocktail has you covered. This zesty apple ginger fizz is the perfect dance partner for your taste buds. It’s got all the sass of a cocktail, minus the morning-after regrets.

a tall glass of yellow ginger fizz with crushed ice, mint and a dried apple slice sitting atop a round wooden board with apples in the background
The Mindful Mocktail - get the recipe

The Protein

Sarah, The Urban Cowgirl, serves up a dish that’s as fresh and vibrant as the autumn leaves. Her sea scallop ceviche is a protein-packed powerhouse with a zing that’ll wake up your palate. Get ready to fall in love.

an individual bowl of scallop ceviche garnished with a sprig of parsley
The Urban Cowgirl - get the recipe

The Veggie

Coley, from Coley Cooks,  knows how to turn a humble eggplant into a rockstar. Her eggplant caponata is a flavor explosion that’ll convert even the staunchest veggie skeptics. Get ready to have your taste buds do a happy dance.

an olive wood board with thinly-sliced sesame bread topped with eggplant caponata and garnished with julienned parsley
Coley Cooks - get the recipe

The Salad

This autumn chopped salad is packed with the season’s finest produce – a celebration of flavors and textures. Madison at Espresso & Cream found a way to say goodbye to boring salads forever.

a large bowl of salad showing lettuce, craisins, pears, and cheese wet with dressing
Espresso & Cream - get the recipe

The Pinwheel

Heather at Food Lovin Family,  rolls up some serious veggie goodness in these vegetable pinwheels. They’re like a party in your mouth, and you’re invited. Perfect for snacking or impressing your guests.

a round tray piled with vegetable pinwheels in different colored tortilla wraps
Food Lovin Family - get the recipe

The Nosh

These bacon-wrapped dates bring the perfect blend of sweet and savory.  Jordan from JZ Eats brings a little bite of heaven that’ll have you coming back for more. Pro tip: make extra, they disappear fast.

A tray of dates with toothpicks holding bacon wrapped around them
JZ Eats - get the recipe

The Crunch

Whitney at Salt & Baker has a recipe for roasted cashews that are a crunchy masterpiece. With a hint of rosemary, they’re the ultimate snack for cozy autumn nights. Warning: they’re addictive.

a bowl with roasted cashews and sprigs of rosemary on the table
Salt & Baker - get the recipe

The Sweet

The sisters at The Grumpy Olive whip up a dessert that’ll make your heart skip a beat. These Biscoff blondies are gooey, sweet, and downright irresistible. My friends Simona & Cristina know their way around a sweet treat. Get ready for a love affair with your taste buds.

blondies topped with biscoff cookies
The Grumpy Olive - get the recipe

There you have it, folks! These sassy Fall harvest recipes are ready to rock your kitchen. Get your aprons on and let’s make this season deliciously unforgettable! 


See you next Friday for another Wine Down edition.

Keep Dancing, Darlene