a kitchen wall from counter to ceiling tiled with variegated white subway tile and styled floating shelvesThere are so many gorgeous options for a kitchen backsplash today. Hidden kitchen outlets are imperative in order to have a designer backsplash!

You’ve spent time and energy online and in person searching for the perfect look for your well-used kitchen.  The designer backsplash is chosen and the contractor is hired.  Now, you anxiously await installation.

You’re so excited when installation day arrives. You keep your No-Peeking promise (though it’s difficult to do) and excitedly wait for the job to be completed so you can experience the full reveal as you see on TV.

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a pin for this blog post showing my kitchen with a backsplash and no outlets

The Reveal

It’s reveal time! You rush in to see your transformed kitchen in all its designer splendor. That’s when you notice the white elephant in the room – the electrical outlets and light switches smack dab in the middle of your beautiful new designer backsplash.

It’s my biggest pet peeve!

Marble backsplash with unconnected electrical outlet plug

Beautiful marble designer backsplash interrupted.

White kitchen with blue octagonal tile backsplash and white electrical outlets

Do you agree this pretty blue designer backsplash would look stunning without the white blobs breaking up the pattern?

Modern kitchen with wood cabinetry and black stone counters and backsplash

Admittedly, the black looks better (in the photo above), but it’s still too dark for the designer backsplash.

Are you ready for some good news?

Well I have it!

This travesty can be avoided with some pre-planning (that’s where an interior designer can make a marked difference for you). Hidden kitchen outlets in your designer backsplash can be accomplished. 

Let's delve a little deeper.

I find there are 2 types of kitchen dwellers:

1. The Gadget Gurus – they want their most used small appliances on the countertops for the ultimate convenience

2. The Stylers – they want uncluttered countertops so their kitchen looks clean, styled, and ready for company at any given moment (obviously not during a cooking session)

Solutions for the Gadget Guru

For those who cannot live without small appliances on their countertops, I enjoy the thoughtful placement of the outlets. If you’re renovating or building a new home, decide which gadgets you want to showcase on your countertops and have the electrical outlets placed in those spots…and place them low. This practice allows the plugs to be covered by the gadget so they’re not in your face. It’s a win for designer backsplashes everywhere!

However, if this type of pre-planning seems overwhelming (and you aren’t working with an interior designer) you can still have your outlets placed inconspicuously.

White marble herringbone backsplash with electrical outlets turned sideways and under windows

Above is a perfect example of outlets thoughtfully placed for convenience the designer backsplash remains untarnished for the most part..

But…let’s say you didn’t think ahead to ask the electrician to move the outlets/light switches or didn’t want to incur the extra expense. You have a couple of options.

Pretty switchplates

These covers can match your hardware to help make your kitchen feel cohesive, though it is definitely my least favorite preference.

Electrical outlet covers & switchplate covers in black, nickel and brass
Double Toggle Metal Switchplate, Black
Find It Here
I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. For more info, see my Disclaimer page.
Single Rocker Metal Switchplate Cover, Satin Nickel
Find It Here
I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. For more info, see my Disclaimer page.
Duplex Receptacle Metal Wall Plate, Brushed Brass
Find It Here
I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. For more info, see my Disclaimer page.

Faux painting

This is my favorite solution for this scenario.

Marble counter & backsplash with faux-painted electrical outlet cover
full wall marble tile backsplash with floating shelves and faux-painted electrical outlet covers & switchplate covers

There are 2 light switches and 1 plug shown in the above photo. Can you find them? Such a fantastic job!

Solutions for the Styler

For those, like me, who prefer all those small appliances hidden behind closed doors, there are a few different options to achieve the semi-minimalist look.

Under upper cabinets

I had this style of hidden kitchen outlets in my last home and loved it.

under cabinet electrical strip with shiny clean backsplash and marble counters
Angled Power Strip 24 inch, 4 Receptacles
Find It Here
I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. For more info, see my Disclaimer page.

Countertop pop-up

I love this version because it’s almost seamless, with no metal surround, just pure countertop.

kitchenaid mixer atop kitchen island plugged into pop-up electrical outlet

Hidden inside a drawer or cabinet

This is always a great solution depending on local building codes.

Kitchen drawer charging station with electrical outlet in rear
Electrical outlet inside kitchen cabinet
©2019 D. Miko Designs, LLC

Because we moved the upper drawer higher to accommodate tall stock pots below, our contractor notched out the corner of the drawer to fit the electrical outlet (above). Honestly, we only installed this hidden kitchen outlet to meet the building code, though it’s been used on occasion.

Island solutions

when there is a beautiful island I don’t want to see plugs on the side marring the gorgeous mill work. I love a clever way to hide the plugs.  Find similar here

electrical strip under counter above microwave drawer
©2019 D. Miko Design

Yes, that Starbucks coffee is mine…I needed some afternoon caffeine to finish out my day strong.

3-Foot Hardwired Power Strip, 5 Receptacles GFCI
Find It Here
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
kitchen island with a drawer front that flips down to reveal electrical outlet

Very clever idea here.

The inspiration

I love a beautiful, unencumbered designer backsplash with hidden kitchen outlets and light switches! I hope you find great inspiration from all the gorgeous kitchens below…

Furniture grade kitchen island with stone backsplash
Range with marble slab backsplash, paneled island and lantern pendants
Handmade zellige tile backsplash with venetian plaster hood and shirred fabric pendants
White kitchen with marble slab backsplash and oversized silver pendants
Devol english kitchen with black la canche range, marble slab backsplash and marble shelf
Marble slab backsplash with green-grey island with wood top
Belgian country kitchen with mixed marble slab and handmade tile backsplash
Black marble slab backsplash with aged green-black wood island and large 19th century french lanterns
White coastal kitchen with an XL island and glossy white subway tile backsplash
Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent kitchen design from HGTV's Rock the Block - contemporary french country kitchen
Cottage style kitchen with bead board backsplash and floating shelves
Vintage style kitchen with green tile backsplash and peach walls
Blue fish scale tile backsplash

How many of these kitchens did you fall in love with? Be honest now…

If you have plans to build or remodel soon be sure to talk to your contractor and electrician about alternative ways to meet your local building codes and still have a flawless backsplash.  If hidden kitchen outlets are what you really want don’t take No for an answer.   

I want to leave you with one more idea.   

Click here if you want to see the most amazing appliance garage – just brilliant!

Keep Dancing, Darlene