Get ready to take the traditional Christmas cookie swap to new heights. This isn’t just a gathering; it’s a festive rendezvous with friends, a celebration of the season, and a delicious exploration of flavors. Imagine laughter filling the air, a table overflowing with a beautiful display of baked cookies, and the clinking of glasses in joyful toasts.

As I reimagine the classic cookie swap, I invite you to indulge in a happy hour that’s not just about sweets and sips but a heartwarming celebration of the holidays with your favorite girlfriends. I have found some of the prettiest and tastiest cookie recipes for you and I’ve even found a few that are gluten free and vegan.  So, tie on your apron, pour the champagne, and let’s make this gathering one for the books!

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The Cocktail

a coupe filled with toblerone cocktail
Bake Play Smile - get the recipe

 I firmly believe that champagne goes with everything—yes, even cookies—I’m always ready to imbibe on bubbles and turn any occasion into a sparkling celebration! However, Lucy from Bake, Play, Smile has a delicious Toblerone Cocktail that will leave your tastebuds in dessert heaven.

The Mocktail

a coupe glass filled with hibiscus spritzer
Hibiscus Spritzer - get the recipe

Halal Wine Cellar has a delicious recipe for a Hibiscus Spritzer. It’s undoubtedly tastier than drinking soda or water when you’re refraining from alcohol.


a cooling rack lined with chocolate cookies with peppermint kisses
Sula and Spice - get the recipe

Michelle's Hot Chocolate Cookies with Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

a stack of sandwich cookies - chocolate wafers, marshmallow buttercream, sprinkles
Blackberry Babe - get the recipe

Cinnamon Christmas Cookies

cinnamon stars with dragees
Kitchen Serf - get the recipe

Aleksandra's Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

a stack of cranberry shortbread
Everyday Delicious - get the recipe

Stacie's Ritz Cracker Cookies

a stack of ritz cracker cookies with sprinkles on top
Simply Stacie - get the recipe

Andrea's Amaretti Cookies

amaretti cookies with sugared almonds
The Petite Cook - get the recipe

Diana's Eggnog Cookies

a plate of eggnog cookies with white frosting and a sprinkle of cinnamon
Fun Cookie Recipes - get the recipe

Kathy's Tri-Colored Italian Cookies

3 cookies that look like neapolitan ice cream
Flavor Feed - get the recipe

Jessica's Hot Cocoa Cookies

a plate with healthy chocolate cookies topped with mini marshmallows
Balance with Jess - get the recipe

Katherine's Soft Vegan Chocolate Cookies

a plate of sandwich cookies with a bowl of frosting
The Allergen Free Kitchen - get the recipe

Natasha's Maurice Lenell Pinwheel Cookies

a box of pinwheel cookies that look like mini cinnamon rolls
No Dash of Gluten - get the recipe

Stacey's Almond Flour Thumbprint Cookies

a platter of almond flour thumbprint cookies
Garlic Salt and Lime - get the recipe

As we conclude our joyful journey through “Cookie Swap Countdown,” it’s not just about the cookies or the libations; it’s a celebration of friendship and the holiday spirit. Transforming the traditional Christmas cookie swap, this happy hour is a heartfelt tribute to the joy of sharing moments with our cherished girlfriends. From swapping cookie secrets to raising a glass of bubbly in celebration, each bite and sip is a testament to the bonds that make the holidays truly magical.

So, here’s to the warmth of friendship, the sweetness of the season, and the memories we’ve crafted together. Cheers to a dozen delicious reasons to celebrate with your girlfriends and make this holiday season extra special!

Keep Dancing, Darlene