The bolster pillow is one of my favorite accessories because it’s so versatile – it can be used as a finishing touch on a sofa, a bench, a chair, or a bed – the possibilities are endless. Aside from your fabric choice, cylindrical bolsters are made in 3 different ways:

1. sewn seams on the ends

2. tied off with cording, sometimes with tassels at the end

3. finished with a decorative end like a ruching effect and often a sizeable fabric-covered button or ruffles

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Maybe I love bolsters because, while they can be rectangular, they’re usually shaped like one of my fave foods – Italian sausages? Hmmm…I may be dancing in my kitchen cooking Italian tonight.

pan with cooked italian sausage. peppers. and onions

Pretty Bolster Pillows

White divan with matching bolster pillows
©2019 D. Miko Designs, LLC

This divan (with bolsters for arm support) in a bedroom provides a spot to sit and put on your shoes. It makes a great bed for a child (grandchildren, anyone?) and a place to hold those bolsters and decorative pillows when you’re ready to go to bed. 😉

Barcelona daybed with wooden frame. tufted upholstery, and a secured bolster pillow

This Barcelona daybed would look at home with many different design styles.

Corner of living room with white builtżin cabinetry, blue velvet chair with blue and white bolster pillow, brass and glass bamboo look side table, and loads of white accessories

A luxurious accent chair in velvet with a graphic bolster adds interest and relates to the many white accessories and cabinetry.

Drop off bench with blue and white checkered cushion and matching bolsters and hooks above for coats and backpacks

This is such a pretty drop-off zone – beautiful and functional.

Formal room with thick wainscoting, gold and black mirror, crystal chandelier, cane and fluted wood settee with red and white striped cushion and matching bolsters plus 2 red velvet pillow and 1 coiffed white standard poodle and a miniature schnauzer lounging on the settee

OMG these dogs are livin’ the life! 

Let's Make the Bed

Bed with white and blue greek key coverlet, blue and white euro shams with butterflies and birds, and a blue and white antelope print bolster pillow

My very favorite way to use a bolster is on the bed. I don’t know about you, but my hubby complains about the number of decorative pillows on our bed. He abhors removing them when it’s time to sleep and then adding them back in the correct pattern when we make the bed in the morning. He finds it a nuisance and has been vocal about it through the years 🤣

Bed with 6 decorative pillows and a bench at the bottom
©2014 Dancing and the Kitchen

This bed sports 4 sleeping pillows, 5 Euros, and a beaded lumbar.

I needed to find a way to make us both happy – my penchant for a beautifully styled bed and his desire for less “froufrou clutter”.

My Solution

Bolster pillow to the rescue! I paired it with a couple of Dutch euros and it’s the perfect compromise – 3 large pillows hide our sleeping pillows.

©2019 D. Miko Designs, LLC

In my world, the bolster pillow is a game-changer when styling a bed,
making it not only a visual delight but also a practical dream.

Picture this:

A bed adorned with one or two grand Dutch Euro pillows, elegantly complemented by a bolster pillow. This is now my favorite way to dress a bed. No more juggling five or more pillows every night and reassembling them each morning. It’s all about ease, simplicity, and, of course, style!

Black iron bed with seagrass bench at the bottom, tan and white striped euro pillows, blue and white textured bolster pillow, and baskets on the wall above the headboard
©2020 D. Miko Designs, LLC

Bolster pillows aren’t just functional; they’re a statement in themselves. With their unique cylindrical shape, they add a touch of sophistication while maintaining a cozy atmosphere, and depending on the fabric choice, they can effortlessly blend East Coast elegance with West Coast cool.

white carved wood bed with a tan, blue, and white embroidered bolster pillow and blue art above the headboard
©2020 D. Miko Designs, LLC

Here's the real magic

By incorporating bolster pillows, you’re not just enhancing aesthetics; you’re streamlining your bed routine. Imagine the luxury of simply removing a couple of pillows to uncover your sleeping haven and effortlessly reassembling them in the morning. It’s a design choice that speaks to both opulence and practicality.

top of bed with 2 euro shams in impressionist print and blue and white cut velvet bolster with lamp in background

A pretty, fresh combination.  That is one posh bolster! 

upholstered bed with textured stone-colored coverlet, then layered with bown and white striped bolster tied at the ends, white pillow and sham, lumbar pillow in same fabric as headboard

I love how this bolster ties at the ends and the pillow combination is so pretty.  You can tell the designer’s touch – the lumbar matches the headboard – just gorgeous!

The versatility of bolster pillows knows no bounds. They can be adorned with vibrant colors, like my personal favorite, the ever-invigorating orange. This splash of color can infuse life and energy into any space, bringing a lively touch to the room.

orange bolster with ruffled edge

Secret Weapon

In a world where time is of the essence, bolster pillows are the secret weapon of the savvy interior designer. They allow you to achieve that perfect balance between style and convenience, ensuring your bed is a haven of comfort and a sight to behold. Embrace the ease, embrace the elegance, and let your bed become a testament to both style and functionality. Remember, it’s not just about pillows; it’s about a lifestyle that exudes luxury and ease.

I’d like to leave you with my recommendations for bolster sizes on beds. 

©2023 D. Miko Designs, LLC
©2023 D. Miko Designs, LLC

Bolsters come in a variety of designs and finishes and I have specified many different sizes, fabrics, and combinations – play around and see what works for you, or contact me to set up a styling consultation.

Keep Dancing, Darlene

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