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Welcome to a year of design, purpose, and boundless possibilities! As we step into the canvas of 2024, let’s start by bringing order to the chaos, both in our spaces and in our lives. I want my home to reflect my style and my organized, stress-free approach to life.

a beautifully organized closet

Join me on this journey of transforming spaces and embracing the art of living well. 

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Happy New year!

Here in Fernandina Beach, while NYC does the famous ball drop at midnight, we have our own unique celebration. At 7 pm, a giant lighted shrimp descends, marking our love for the famous Mayport shrimp. It’s a family affair filled with music, delightful food from local vendors, and the warm glow of community spirit. The night crescendos with spectacular fireworks illuminating the harbor. Welcome to 2024! 

a giant lighted shrimp dropping from a crane
The Dropping Shrimp - Source
a row of fireworks exploding over the harbor
Harbor Fireworks - Source

Now, buckle up for a ride because we’re about to turn the chaos of 2024 into a masterpiece of style and sanity, all centered around the magic words: home organization. You with me? Good. Let’s get your home into streamlined perfection, making life smoother than a perfectly blended cocktail.

I’ve got 5 great tips to help you get organized without feeling anal. So, grab your favorite throw pillow, and let’s declutter, streamline, and infuse some serious Darlene-style pizzazz into this year! Ready to rock it? Let’s do this!

Tip #1: Conquering Makeup Mayhem!

Alright, glamour gurus, let’s spill the tea (or, in this case, the makeup)! If your cosmetic collection grows faster than a beach house garden, you’re not alone. I mean, does makeup secretly multiply when we’re not looking? I get it; mornings should be about coffee sips, not endless product searches. So, here’s my secret to a 5-minute face without the morning madness: drawer organizers. Yes, those magical compartments that turn chaos into coordinated chicness. Trust me, when your lipsticks, mascaras, and brushes have their designated spots, mornings become a breeze. Efficient, fabulous, and ready to conquer the day—one perfectly organized lipstick at a time! For your convenience, I’m linking mine here:

a drawer with makeup disorganized and the after shot of a beautifully organized drawer - stylish home organization
25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers Set
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Tip #2: Fridge Finesse

Time to talk fridge realness. My hubby’s the Condiment King, and my fridge has witnessed its fair share of chaos. Ever spent mornings on a treasure hunt? Finding berries, cheese, and coffee cream can feel like a quest! Enter my secret weapon: these fantastic bins. No more wasting time doing the fridge shuffle! Just grab, pull, and voilà—your cream cheese is ready for bagel duty. These bins are life-savers, not just in the fridge but also in the pantry. They corral oils, vinegars, and all those cooking essentials for easy access. Efficiency, my friends, is the key to a stress-free kitchen! Check them out.

interior of a refrigerator with organized shelves
Plastic Storage Bins
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Tip #3: Vanquish Clutter!

Okay, Design Enthusiasts, let’s tackle clutter with a coastal twist! Imagine weaving order into chaos with baskets that scream coastal chic. These woven baskets are pretty and necessary to keep thing corralled. Is the family room overwhelmed with kids’ stuff? Toss in a large basket for toys—instant style. Want a touch of elegance in your closet? Hello, pretty baskets! And let’s not forget your home office or laundry room—these baskets work their magic anywhere. It’s essential home organization without the unnecessary OCD vibes. Let’s keep it chic; let’s keep it clutter-free! There are so many to choose from!

Storage Baskets
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Tip #4: Office Zen

Revamp your home office into a chic productivity space! Envision a setup where your crucial documents are within reach—no more rummaging through the desk abyss! It’s about practicality AND style. On my desk with its dainty drawers, I embrace pretty desk accessories—pen holder, tape dispenser, stapler, and the works. Why? Because I’m a Virgo and crave a tidy desk.  So, gear up to conquer your workday with these pretty little things by your side.

Rose Gold Desk Organizer
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Office Accessories 7Pcs
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Tip #5: Time Mastery

Stylish time management is definitely a thing, especially for those who still savor the tactile feel of a physical calendar. Enter the Moleskine Spiral Planner—your elegant time scheduler. Not everyone has fully embraced the digital calendar; for those purists, this one rocks!

Imagine the smooth pages of a Moleskine, the tactile joy of scheduling your days in ink. It’s a beautifully crafted statement that’s thoughtfully designed. This planner turns your daily schedule into an art form. Because let’s be real, not all planners are created equal. 

Moleskine 2024 Spiral Planner
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Bonus Tip: Artful Inspiration

So, design devotees, as we wrap up our journey through stylish organization, let’s talk about the ultimate accessory—coffee table books. Make 2024 the year you effortlessly infuse your living room with sophistication. Whether you’re an art lover, an explorer at heart, or a car aficionado, there’s a perfect book to adorn your coffee table. As someone who’s been collecting them for years, mine range from fantastic interior design gems to travel books brimming with recipes. Yes, these books are decorations, but they’re also gateways to worlds of inspiration. 

Clear Acrylic Book Holder
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a collage of coffee table books